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Monday, April 23rd, 2012

Cleaning between seasons can be overwhelming; especially with all of the pressure we place on spring-cleaning. It doesn’t have to be a massive or scary job, though. We’ve got some simple tips that will help you tackle your cleaning chores in no time.

First survey your home and come up with a list of cleaning projects you need to accomplish. Doing a room by room inventory will help you make sure that you clean areas you may have forgotten about. It also prevents you from starting an unnecessary task. Maybe you think that you need to clean the curtains, but after you surveyed your room, you realized they are new and don’t need attention.

Once you have your big projects, break those tasks down into smaller increments and create a schedule for each task so that nothing gets forgotten. (There are some helpful checklists and organizing links at the end of the article.) Print out a simple chart to help you keep track of what day a task needs to be done and whose responsibility it is.

Next, assemble all of your materials. If you plan on organizing your closet on day 2, then make sure you have all of your organizing materials handy before day 2. This prevents you from procrastinating or getting distracted at the store. Also, keep your cleaning materials organized and grouped according to task. When you are ready to start on a task that requires a specific set of cleaning supplies, everything is already grouped together and ready to go. Handy carriers can make carting supplies to far flung areas of the house much easier.

Spring-cleaning checklists:

Martha Stewart

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Weekly Cleaning Chart

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